Basic magic course with 24 magics (Video Personalized tutorial)

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Gurdeep Singh Babbar

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Why this course?


It is a specially curated, While session one comprises of basic tricks, session two introduces them to a set of advanced tricks. The course aims to improve creativity, dexterity, stage presence, communication and confidence , through magic, with items easily available at home.

The idea is for Learner to have magic on their fingertips and equip them to perform with items that are readily available in their surroundings. This is known as ‘Basic magic course ’ where Learner will be able to perform anywhere and standout in a crowd.

In this Course we teach 24 different magic

Course Curriculum

Trailer preview video Preview
Introduction Materials Required (9:00)
Card Magic (10:00)
Diamond Card Magic Gurdeep (8:00)
5 Card Magic Gurdeep (9:00)
Rope Magic Gurdeep (6:00)
Rope Cut & Restore (11:00)
Knot Vanish Rope (3:00)
Bow Knot Rope (7:00)
Matchbox & Toothpick Magic gurdeep (4:00)
Toothpick Appear & Vanish (6:00)
Card to Match box (13:00)
Re flash Mach stick (10:00)
Paper & Newspaper Magic Gurdeep (8:00)
Paper Magic gurdeep
Paper Left Right Moving (6:00)
water vanish in Newspaper Magic gurdeep (12:00)
Paper Floating Ball Magic gurdeep (8:00)
Mix Magic Gurdeep (10:00)
Handkerchief Magic (7:00)
Pen Magic (8:00)
Coin Magic gurdeep (8:00)
coins & cards Magic Gurdeep (12:00)
Coin Balance Magic Gurdeep (15:00)
Appearing Coin Magic gurdeep (6:00)
3 balance coin Magic Gurdeep Singh Babbar (9:00)
Thank you (2:00)

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